Precision Coaching & Training

Elevating Team Performance with Targeted Coaching.

Agile Refresh Precision Coaching & Training strengthens Agile practices, aligning them with your unique needs. Our expert coaches guide your team through a comprehensive Assessment and tailored Coaching Plan, instilling a sense of ownership and a commitment to continual improvement. Contact us today to elevate your team's collaboration and value delivery.

Teams Struggle to Deliver without Clear, Value-Aligned, Prioritized Backlogs


of Agile teams note that their performance plateaus after the initial stages of Agile adoption due to an inability to identify areas for improvement or adapt to changing circumstances. (2021, 15th Annual VersionOne State of Agile Report)


of Agile teams recognize the need for ongoing coaching to maintain effective Agile practices, yet struggle to access the necessary support. (2021, Scrum Alliance State of Scrum Report)


of organizations cite ineffective collaboration between Agile teams and leadership as a primary reason for stagnant team performance. (2021, PMI Pulse of the Profession Report)

Agile Refresh, with its comprehensive Assessment and tailored Coaching Plan, targets these challenges head-on, ensuring teams not only sustain but continually enhance their Agile practices for superior value delivery and effectiveness.

Agile Refresh transforms your team's Agile journey

Led by our expert coaches, a comprehensive Assessment identifies your team’s unique needs, paving the way for a tailored Coaching Plan. Agile Refresh instills a sense of ownership in your team, driving continuous improvement and accountability. Experience enhanced collaboration and elevated value delivery as your team capitalizes on its Agile potential.

Achieve Peak Performance and Team Accountability.

Tailer a Team’s Way of Working to Optimize Effectiveness.

The Problem We Solve with Precision Coaching

Achieving peak performance in your Agile practices is not a static task; it’s a journey of continuous adaptation and improvement. As your teams and the larger organization evolve, an Agile Refresh Precision Coaching intervention can bring clarity and direction to your Agile practices, igniting a path to increased effectiveness.


Our approach begins with a comprehensive Assessment. We delve into your team’s structure, practices, operations, and backlog clarity to unravel potential pain points and growth opportunities. This deep-dive analysis is not done in isolation; instead, we believe in co-conspiring with your team and leaders. By incorporating their insights, we ensure the evolved Agile practices align with the team’s rhythm and the organization’s broader objectives.


Armed with the insights from the assessment, we design a tailored Coaching Plan, targeted to address the unique needs of your team. Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, your team receives customized training and workshops, along with ongoing coaching, to execute this plan effectively.


The goal? To take your Agile practices from good to great, ensuring your team operates at its optimum capacity, and is better aligned within the larger organizational ecosystem. Teams that embark on the Agile Refresh journey report improved delivery, stronger alignment, and enhanced ability to tackle obstacles, leading to the fulfilment of their Agile potential.

Key Training & Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment to Gauge Current Agile Practices and Identify Improvement Areas
  • Evaluating and Refining Backlog Clarity and Prioritization Techniques
  • Reinforcing Effective Team Structures and Roles within an Agile Context
  • Establishing Clear Communication Practices for Improved Team Collaboration
  • Analyzing Metrics for Insightful Adaptation of Team Practices
  • Instituting Accountability Mechanisms for Team-Led Continuous Improvement
  • Engaging with Other Teams and Leaders to Address Dependencies and Organizational Design Considerations

Note: While these are the key focus areas, every Agile Refresh engagement is tailored to the team’s specific needs as identified through the initial assessment, ensuring the coaching is relevant, actionable, and drives the most impact.

Precision Coaching Details

  • Delivery method: Virtual or In Person
  • Duration: Can be completed through training, workshops, and direct coaching over a period of 6-12 weeks
  • Certification: Participants can earn PDUs and SEUs for PMI, IIBA, Scrum Alliance and other certifications. We can add on certification classes such as CSM, CSPO or IC Agile Practitioner, as needed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the current state of your team’s Agile practices through a comprehensive assessment.
  • Gain insight into backlog management techniques for clarity and effective prioritization.
  • Reinforce understanding of Agile roles and team structures for optimized collaboration.
  • Improve communication practices for streamlined operations and better value delivery.
  • Learn to use metrics effectively to adapt and refine team practices.
  • Establish a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within the team.
  • Develop skills to interact effectively with other teams and leaders in your organization.



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