Agile Team Quicklaunch

Experience a rapid ramp-up of a new Agile team.

This 3-4 week program begins with training and baselining team activities as well as supporting Product Owners and Product Managers in seeding a product backlog.

Product Uplift

Transforming Vision into Value, Strategically and Seamlessly.​

Product Uplift Precision Coaching & Training empowers strategic product delivery, fostering a shift from outputs to impactful outcomes, and ensuring customer-centric solutions that drive business success.​

Agile Refresh

Elevating Team Performance with Targeted Coaching.

Agile Refresh Precision Coaching & Training strengthens Agile practices, aligning them with your unique needs.

Certified ScrumMaster

This intensive 2-day ScrumMaster Certification course provides participants with practical, pragmatic and actionable approaches to being successful with Scrum. Scrum is one of the largest and fastest-growing Agile frameworks. It provides a simple yet extremely powerful set of values and techniques to help accelerate product delivery and also to deliver better, more impactful products than ever before. This course comprises of pragmatic, tried and tested practices for managing product backlogs, long and short-range planning, project delivery and team building.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

One of the keys to success with Scrum is having an effective Product Owner. Product Owners set the product vision and are responsible for transforming it into a successful product. They represent the voice of the customer and are responsible for the trade-offs and decisions required to reach product goals. In this class, participants will learn the core skills needed to define and manage a prioritized product backlog, make informed trade-off decisions, and create accurate and realistic product and release plans. Product owners will not only learn the mechanics of Scrum, but how the dynamics of an Agile team change the role of product development and management.

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

This hands-on, intensive 2-day immersion course focuses on exposing experienced ScrumMasters to skills, tools and techniques to advance their capabilities. In turn, this will help make themselves, their teams and their organizations more successful overall. The class explores Agile Facilitation, Coaching and Leadership and how the ScrumMaster uses these skills to better support the team, the Product Owner and the Organization as a whole. The class is full of real-world examples coupled with practical tools and techniques that can be immediately put into action. For Certified ScrumMasters, this class is the next step in their learning journey. Ideal for anyone who is ready to incorporate their own experiences together with advanced ScrumMaster skills to move forward to the next level.

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Agile Product Vision, Roadmap and Backlog Workshop

This 2-3 day workshop brings the hands-on Agile product management tools to your project, helping to facilitate the creation of a product vision that communicates target impact and outcomes. You’ll learn powerful story-mapping techniques to create a product roadmap, and define actionable stories that make up the initial backlog and the key prioritization drivers you need to establish priorities going forward.

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Agile Marketing Accelerator

Introduce the fundamentals of Agile to marketing teams through this engaging, hands-on 2-3 day workshop. Learn the principles and practice for collaborative, adaptive and iterative marketing planning and execution. Help teams rapidly design and execute data-driven dynamic marketing campaigns that can be continuously adapted and refined before committing to large-scale investments.

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Implementing the Innovation Framework

In this intensive 2 day workshop, you’ll be introduced to core Lean Startup, Customer and User Development, Design Thinking and Business Model Generation concepts. This will enable you to establish a systematic framework to rapidly market-test new business and product ideas. This workshop focuses not just on idea generation but also on rapid, low-cost, idea validation.

Benefits include establishing an innovation vocabulary, management system and execution model and getting experience in Assumption-Hypothesis-Experiment mapping and results tracking.

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