Precision Coaching & Training

Accelerating the Start-Up of Teams with Strong Foundations.

Agile Quicklaunch Precision Coaching & Training empowers teams with essential Agile skills, laying a solid foundation in Scrum and Kanban, and equipping them for effective collaboration, backlog management, and value-driven sprint execution.

Teams Struggle to Deliver without Clear, Value-Aligned, Prioritized Backlogs


of new Agile teams report challenges in applying Agile principles effectively due to a lack of understanding and training in Agile fundamentals. (2019, Scrum Alliance State of Scrum Report)


of Agile teams struggle with creating and managing a well-defined product backlog, which often leads to unclear priorities and goals. (2020, 14th Annual VersionOne State of Agile Report)


of Agile teams indicate that inadequate communication and collaboration are the key obstacles in achieving higher productivity and delivering value. (2020, 14th Annual VersionOne State of Agile Report)

Agile Quicklaunch, with its focus on the fundamentals, team formation, and backlog management, is positioned to address these common problems, providing new teams with the tools and skills needed to overcome these hurdles and set a course for successful implementation.

Agile Quicklaunch kickstarts your team’s Agile journey

Gain essential skills through Precision Coaching & Training, dive into Agile fundamentals, Scrum, and Kanban, and set your team up for success with a structured backlog and effective sprints to empower streamlined collaboration and value delivery.

Create Clarity and Understanding of Agile Best Practices.

Support the Team as they begin their Agile Journey.

The Problem We Solve with Precision Coaching

To ensure a successful Agile launch, it’s imperative to lay a strong foundation. Agile Quicklaunch ensures that the entire team, along with Product Owners and Managers, are involved from the get-go, establishing an environment of collaboration and transparency.

For instance, by creating and refining an initial backlog, the team can start with clear priorities and alignment. Agile Quicklaunch supports this process with tailored training in Agile fundamentals, Scrum, and Kanban, as well as hands-on coaching during the first few sprints.

By adopting these strategies, teams can quickly become adept at Agile practices, which leads to improved collaboration, more effective sprints, and a stronger alignment with organizational goals. Studies indicate that teams with a robust launch phase are more likely to have higher productivity and better value delivery in their subsequent sprints.

Key Training & Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Mastering the Fundamentals of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban
  • Establishing Effective Team Structures and Roles for Agile Teams
  • Crafting an Initial Product Backlog with Clear Prioritization
  • Learning Techniques for Sprint Planning and Execution
  • Setting Up and Managing Agile Work Boards for Transparency
  • Engaging in Effective Agile Communication Practices
  • Navigating the Initial Sprints with Hands-On Coaching Support
  • Analyzing and adapting Team practices based on Metrics and Feedback loops
  • Establishing Continuous Improvement Practices for Sustained Success

Precision Coaching Details

  • Delivery method: Virtual or In Person
  • Duration: Tailored to your needs – can be completed in as little as 3 days of training with periodic follow-on Coaching over 2-6 weeks
  • Certification: Participants can earn PDUs and SEUs for PMI, IIBA, Scrum Alliance and other certifications. We can add on certification classes such as CSM, CSPO or IC Agile Practitioner, as needed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire foundational knowledge in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban
  • Establish and align your team structure for optimal Agile practices
  • Develop proficiency in crafting and managing an effective product backlog
  • Execute successful sprints with hands-on coaching support
  • Adopt efficient Agile communication and collaboration practices
  • Initiate continuous improvement processes for ongoing team development
  • Empower your Agile team with the tools and skills for sustained success



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