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It’s Official – Women Are Killing it in Agile!

The ScrumMaster trends report 2019 showed that women in the ScrumMaster role are taking home a higher salary than their male counterparts. Those with training and certification were doing even better than those without.

Here at ThinkLouder, we’ve seen that women are eager and excited to get the ScrumMaster certification under their belts. In fact, we’ve had more female participants than men this year! We’re delighted to be supporting gender equality in high tech careers, and we want to wish all our female ScrumMasters a happy International Women’s Day!

Here’s one of our ScrumMaster students, Brandi Raso, sharing her experience. If you want to join Brandi, and add ScrumMaster certification to your list of achievements for 2020, get in touch!

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