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Agile QuickTip: The Open Meeting Parking Lot

The Open Meeting Parking Lot Meetings getting off track? Have you thought about using the idea of an Open Meeting Parking Lot to make an entire meeting more focused? Many Agile teams complain about meetings that get derailed. This can be anything from a daily Scrum that takes much longer than ideal because everyone has […]

Agile QuickTip: Implicit Task Estimates Instead of Explicit Ones

Implicit Task Estimates Instead of Explicit Ones by Giora Morein  You’re about to learn how changing your task estimates from explicit to implicit could make all the difference to the productivity and experience of your Scrum teams. Sprint planning is where most Scrum or Agile teams will take a story or a different backlog item […]

Agile QuickTip: Vegas-Style Retrospective

Vegas-Style Retrospective by Giora Morein Vegas-style retrospective might really be the difference-maker in helping your team identify and exploit those improvement opportunities that can propel them through the stratosphere. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! This famous tag line might not immediately sound like it has much to do with agile learning or Scrum […]

Agile QuickTip: Publishing your Team’s Definition of Done

Publishing your Scrum team’s definition of done Taking the extra step of publishing your scrum team’s definition of ‘done’ could help your agile team to collaborate and focus on getting things finished. Every scrum team and every agile team is always looking for ways to deliver as much value as possible in each sprint. This […]

Agile QuickTip: Learning Focused Daily Scrum

Turn your traditional Scrum or stand-up agenda on its head with a learning focused Scrum. Typically, agile or scrum teams have a daily Scrum or stand up where the focus is on progress or activity. Looking at what you’ve accomplished since the previous Scrum, the questions addressed are typically; ‘What have you achieved?’; ‘What challenges […]

Agile QuickTip: The Sprint Planning Mini Retro

The Sprint Planning Mini Retro You could be making Sprint Planning far more effective by including a mini retrospective at the end of it. Sprint planning is the opening ceremony for every team Sprint. This is where your entire team comes together with your product owner and facilitated by your ScrumMaster, to figure out the […]