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Agile QuickTip: The Sprint Planning Mini Retro

The Sprint Planning Mini Retro You could be making Sprint Planning far more effective by including a mini retrospective at the end of it. Sprint planning is the opening ceremony for every team Sprint. This is where your entire team comes together with your product owner and facilitated by your ScrumMaster, to figure out the […]

Agile QuickTip: Limit Your Agile Teams Product Backlog

Limit Your Agile Teams Product Backlog Limiting the number of items on your product backlog might make your product owner, and in fact your entire Scrum team, more focused. Many Agile product owners that I work with complain about their product backlog being really long. They mention that it’s cluttered with stale ideas, old feedback, […]

Agile QuickTip: Avoid Starting Sprints on Mondays or Fridays

Avoid Starting Sprints on Mondays or Fridays Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Starting sprints on days other than Mondays and Fridays can make your scrum more valuable, and solve some common scrum problems for your agile team. A lot teams will start their agile sprints on Mondays and end them on […]

Agile Quicktip: Budgeting Your Scrum Update Times

Have you ever considered that budgeting time for each team member to give their daily updates might make your daily Scrum more valuable? One thing that a lot of scrum or agile teams complain about, is getting value out of their daily Scrum. In some cases, team members might be providing too much information or […]

Agile QuickTip: A Minute of Fun

A Minute of Scrum Fun Set your Scrum apart with a minute of fun! Many scrum or agile teams find their daily Scrum or stand up can become a little boring or stale. When it’s not that interesting, you might find that people even start to dread going. Unengaged team members can lead to late […]

Agile QuickTip: Teach your Team to W.A.I.T

Teach your Team to W.A.I.T If you’re the scrum master of an agile scrum team and you find that those daily scrum meetings are taking longer than you want, or your team members are getting too into the details, and you aren’t getting enough value from the scrum, here’s a tool that might help your […]

Agile QuickTip: Schedule Sync Time Before the Daily Scrum

Have you considered how ensuring you have some sync time scheduled before your daily scrum might make for an overall better stand up? One of the constant challenges for agile or scrum teams is making sure that the daily stand up is concise, focused and valuable. Far more often it takes longer than we’d like […]

Agile QuickTip: Don’t Show Up At All

It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you’re a ScrumMaster, you might be able to improve your daily scrum or daily standup by not showing up at all. If you’re the scrum master of an agile or scrum team and you feel your scrum isn’t as engaging or as interesting as it could be, you’ve probably […]

Agile QuickTip: Schedule Follow Up Times

Have you considered using scrum follow-ups to keep your scrum meetings on point? One problem that scrum or agile teams have to contend with is the long daily scrum. The most effective daily scrum meetings are between 10 and 15 minutes, keeping the content brief but relevant. Instead of hitting that target, we often see […]