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Agile QuickTip: Safety Checks to Kick Off Your Meetings

Safety Checks to Kick Off Your Meetings We often assume that participants in teams feel comfortable being open, transparent and forthcoming in a way that will make meetings and interactions meaningful and valuable.  But what if this assumption is wrong? How would we know?  How might this affect a meeting, it’s participants and the meeting […]

Agile QuickTip: Add Expiration Dates to Your Backlog Items

Add Expiration Dates to Your Backlog Items If you have a backlog that’s getting out of control, consider using expiration dates to help control the list and streamline your team’s priorities. Many mature agile teams or scrum teams that have been together for a while might find themselves with a backlog that’s hundreds if not […]

Agile QuickTip: Use Working Agreements for your Daily Scrum

Use Working Agreements for your Daily Scrum Have you ever considered that working agreements for your daily scrum might make them a lot more valuable, and help separate the daily scrum from any other meetings you have each day? Your team’s daily scrum or daily stand up might be one of the most important meetings […]

Agile QuickTip: A Wishlist of Ready!

A Wishlist of Ready! Many Agile and Scrum teams have adopted the practice of having a “Definition of Ready” as a way to explicitly define when a Story – or Backlog Item – is “Ready” for a team to take into a Sprint.  This often serves as an entrance gate for Stories and ideas to […]

Agile QuickTip: Explicit Sprint Learning Goals

Explicit Sprint Learning Goals On this edition of Agile Quick Tips, we’re going to be discussing how setting explicit sprint learning goals could help improve your team overall. Agile teams or scrum teams will often set goals during sprint planning that help them to maximize value and optimize the product that sprint. But what if […]

Agile QuickTip: Achievement Focused Daily Scrum

Achievement Focused Daily Scrum If you’re feeling like your daily Scrum or Stand-up is getting less valuable, and losing some of its effectiveness, why not turn things around by changing the focus to achievements rather than activities? Most Agile team’s Stand-ups or Scrums focus pretty heavily on activities. Questions asked in the daily Scrum include […]

Agile QuickTip: The Open Meeting Parking Lot

The Open Meeting Parking Lot Meetings getting off track? Have you thought about using the idea of an Open Meeting Parking Lot to make an entire meeting more focused? Many Agile teams complain about meetings that get derailed. This can be anything from a daily Scrum that takes much longer than ideal because everyone has […]