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What are the Benefits of Agile and How does Agile save us money?

Benefits of Agile Explained – How to Realize Agile Cost Savings? 

Agile benefits are all about delivering the most valuable products or features in the least amount of time by prioritizing the highest valued things and then delivering them through to completion very quickly. With agile, we get to accelerate the returns so we can reap the benefits sooner. 

Put another way, the benefits of agile are about focusing on what matters more to the customer and optimizing those important features of the product, while disregarding unnecessary things that would slow us down. Agile encourages short loops, allowing teams to adjust and pivot their projects quickly based on customer feedback, instead of waiting until the end of the project to make changes. 

Lots of people ask: How does agile save us money?

It doesn’t. The only way you’re gonna save money with Agile, or with Scrum is by avoiding investing in things you shouldn’t be investing in at all. Agile is not about saving money. It’s about accelerating value – highlighting the things that you really need and then delivering those most valuable ones in the shortest time possible. That’s how we reap the benefit of Agile!

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