Boost your Career with a CSM Certification

Boost your Career with a CSM Certification

A CSM certification is an invaluable addition to your resume. But it’s more than just that! It can significantly help you with your professional life, and also greatly benefit the organization you work for. 

9 ways getting a CSM certification can benefit your career


  1. Giora MorienCertified ScrumMasters earn more on average than their non-certified peers.

For example, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of ScrumMasters in the US is 40% higher than that of project managers. The main reason for this is that there is more demand for high-quality ScrumMasters.

  1. Expand your career options and get your foot in the door with more interview opportunities.

In addition to earning more, ScrumMaster also made Glassdoor’s list of 50 best job positions in the US in 2020, meaning more career options and interview opportunities!

  1. Giora MorienGet the job you’ve been dreaming about.

Across the board, consumers today are expecting faster delivery and better services. As a result, more and more traditional industries are embracing Agile. This is creating more and more opportunities for ScrumMasters to get the jobs they’ve been dreaming about across a wide range of diverse industries. 

  1. Significantly expand your professional network by becoming a part of the Scrum community.

When you achieve certification, you’ll join a thriving community of Scrum experts. In fact, even has a directory of Scrum practitioners you can network with, and ask for advice and guidance. 

  1. Get a competitive edge and stand out in your field.

Becoming a ScrumMaster gives you a competitive edge both in your current position and if you’re looking for a new position. In fact, the ScrumMaster certification was ranked as the 9th most in-demand certification in 2020 in Indeed’s Career Guide.

  1. Improve collaboration within your team.

A CSM certification can really help you boost your career by improving your team management skills, and giving you what you need to motivate and lead your teammates, encourage and facilitate collaboration, become a better team player, keep communication channels open and adopt an Agile mindset.   

  1. Enhance your efficiency and improve project delivery times.

As a ScrumMaster, you can help bring clarity to your team members about their roles, responsibilities, Sprint capacity, the scope of the problem to be solved, dates that are important to the success of the product, customer feedback, action items and more. This will significantly improve ownership, efficiency and project delivery times. 

  1. Giora MorienGet more projects within your organization.

With a CSM, you’ll be able to stand out and contribute more to your company. In turn, management will turn to you to take on more projects. 

  1. Get the skills you need to contribute to and drive organization change.

CSM will give you the skills and confidence you need to proactively drive change within your company and take the lead in strategic processes.

To summarize, in addition to being a really valuable addition to your resume, becoming a certified ScrumMaster (CSM) can also benefit your career in multiple other ways including higher earnings, expanding your career options, improving your collaboration and team skills, and enabling you to get more projects within your organization. 

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Enhance your Team Management Skills with a CSM Certification

Enhance your Team Management Skills with a CSM Certification

As a certified ScrumMaster, you will gain access to valuable team building and management methodologies. 

Here are some the ways that a CSM certification can help you improve your team management and collaboration skills:

giora moreinAs a CSM, you will have the opportunity to motivate and lead your teammates, and to guide them in working together and solving challenges more efficiently.

Giora Morein As a CSM, you will learn to be a good team player by listening to your teammates, accepting their suggestions, addressing challenges they may face, and helping them collaborate to solve these challenges.

Giora MorienLearn to keep the channels of communication and collaboration open to ensure that your team works together towards the success of each project. 

Giora MorienAdopt an Agile mindset and help your team members do the same. This will lead to fewer disagreements, better collaboration and more successful projects.

In a nutshell, a CSM certification can really help boost your career and improve your team management skills by giving you what you need to motivate and lead your teammates, encourage and facilitate collaboration, become a better team player, keep communication channels open and adopt an Agile mindset.   

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