Agile QuickTip: Learning Focused Daily Scrum

Turn your traditional Scrum or stand-up agenda on its head with a learning focused Scrum.

Typically, agile or scrum teams have a daily Scrum or stand up where the focus is on progress or activity.

Looking at what you’ve accomplished since the previous Scrum, the questions addressed are typically; ‘What have you achieved?’; ‘What challenges did you face?’; ‘What did we accomplish?’; and ‘What do you plan on accomplishing until the next daily Scrum?’

One thing which could really make a difference to your productivity and the strength of your teams overall is to plan a learning focused daily Scrum where you change the emphasis of the agenda towards learning rather than task progress and delivery.

The kinds of questions that you would address are;

“What did you learn today?”; “What do you plan to learn?”; “What’s standing in the way of that learning for you?”; “What impediments or challenges would need to be removed to achieve the planned learning?”

In this way, the focus of the Scrum isn’t just on progress and delivery and what we have achieved or can accomplish, but also on what we expect to learn and how can we get better as a team by learning these things, and removing the obstacles that we find in our way.

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